For Grand Burlesque Night Out there will be tickets at the door! (€45,- PIN ONLY - 'till 23:30)

Saturday 17th February 2024
Grand Burlesque Night Out

8PM - 2:30AM
First show at 9:30
Dance party & 5 show blocks

(Mainly standing places,
Some tables and seats)

Only card payments.

Klönneplein 4-6,


The biggest (yet intimate) event of the Amsterdam Burlesque Festival is hosted by Madame Risquee, one of the pioneers of Burlesque in the Netherlands, alongside The Netherlands' most renowned burlesque star: Fay Loren.

The night will unfold as a lively dance soiree featuring spectacular shows and revues: Burlesque Party Follies: Where Glam Meets Fun!

Lady Marmalade
Mistress of ceremonies, comedienne,
poet and singer.



Lady Lou L’amour and Fay Loren

More than a dozen local and international artists will showcase vintage style and surprising new acts.

Onstage, you'll see the likes of body positivity queen Bustie La Tish, powerhouse Miss Behave, drag/burlesque performer Eve Fatale, Boylesque by the American Chocoloate Show Boy, Lady Lou L’amour, a mystical Medusa act by the English Lily Lustre, and many more (TBA). As the pièce de résistance, Fay Loren will shine in her gigantic champagne glass, surrounded by breathtaking show dancers. With her glamorous and empowering burlesque shows, she has conquered the world, from Las Vegas to Istanbul.

Burlesque boasts a rich tradition, and although it often revolves around seduction, the emphasis is not on unveiling but on tantalizing and variety. Sometimes sensuous but never vulgar.


Between the performances and after the show, we invite you to dance, flirt, and savor refreshing drinks and chic cocktails. The Retro and Vintage Burlesque Beats spun by the most seasoned DJs in this genre will further elevate the atmosphere, transforming the night into an exceptional celebration.


Come Dressed to impress and step into this nightclub setting. As the Candy Girls delight the audience, you'll feel transported to the glamorous world of a Hollywood musical or a film-noir/glamour film set, as if Marilyn Monroe and Betty Page could stroll in at any moment.
Think of movies like The Great Gatsby, Boardwalk Empire, Peaky Blinders, Moulin Rouge, and Babylon.
Dress styles: golden-era Hollywood, risqué renaissance, or masked madness. From the roaring 20s, fabulous 40s, and the playful 50s to the seductive 60s, you become an integral part of the show!



The artists

Lady Marmalade (US)

Was one of the very first MC's on the Amsterdam scene and has left an unmistakable imprint ever since. Known for her quick wit, versatility and intimate conversations with her audience, she makes sure that each evening is absolutely unique.

Chocolate Showboy (US)

The Extravagant Gentleman of Burlesque, he has risen to dancing the role of leading man in world famous stage shows from Las Vegas to Paris and on oceans in between. Now, as a Boylesque performer, he keeps the classic showboy alive in his own special way.

Fay Loren
Co producer of this festival night is an international burlesque performer from Amsterdam. With her personally created acts, she exemplifies how femininity and elegance go hand-in-hand with strength and determination. As a burlesque artist, model, and social influencer, Fay serves as a style icon and inspiration for women of all ages.

Lily Lustre (UK)

International headliner; Lily Lustre is a glittering goddess who will captivate you with her curves. Hailing from the UK, Lily is a versatile performer who flirts with different genres of the art form whilst shining unquestionable confidence on stage.

DJ Charley

One of the founders of Burlesque in the Netherlands and the most experienced DJ regarding ´Burlesque Party Music´. He plays ´20´s/80´s music: vintage and retro. From (electro) Swing, via R&R to Disco. All for your dancing pleasure!

Lady Lou l’Amour

This bombshell breathes life in classic Burlesque. Her fiery bumps and sultry grinds are like a dance with fire, with each movement infused with unparalleled grace. She is a woman with a heart full of passion, an untamed spirit who deeply understands the art of burlesque.

Eve Fatale
The allure of old Hollywood glamour mixed with the modern beauty of drag, out comes Eve Fatale! Like the sirens do to the poor fishermen at sea, Eve will seduce you into a night of ultimate fantasy and ecstasy. She’s going to give you extravagant costumes with layers upon layers and most of all, Joy!


Mr. Collins

All the way from Kenya Africa this energetic acrobat performer wil amaze you, stacking many chairs on top of each other and not losing balance. Plus doing other incredible acrobatics will be displayed.

Deena Ray

One of the first and most versatile burlesque performers around. Deena makes very original acts that are either funny, surprising, moving or impressive. OR actually: all the above! Come see her perform live!

Maggie Leroux

Having her heart in theatre and glitter running through her veins, Maggie Leroux was born to burlesque. They say cats have nine lives and Maggie is living them all at once. She's a performer, producer and renowned stage kitten in The Netherlands.

Miss Behave (BE)

Miss Behave is the pinup firecracker bringing energy and classic burlesque with an edge. Born in Amsterdam and living in Glasgow she is a producer for: DollHause Productions Teaches classes and emcees her way all over the globe.

Bustie La Tish (FR)

Not your average showgirl: Amsterdam's body positive burlesque dancer BUSTIE LA TISH. Bubbly! Sparkly! Exuberant! Rubenesque!

"When I'm good, I'm good, but when I'm bad, I'm better."

DJ Dionysius

For years his retro quirky fashion style, his seamless mixing skills and unlimited collection of authentic tunes has proved a winning formula at parties and locations such as Paradiso, Melkweg, Supperclub. 'Classic Noodlanding', 'We love 80s', 'Burlesque Freakout' and 'Baldumasque'.


Nova Sterling

Neo burlesque artist, Stage kitten, Candy girl, Cosplayer and Otaku/Nerd.

She will do a wonderful walk around interactive act for and wth you!


Miss Helena (singer)

Miss Helena is a Dutch artist that combines influences of burlesque with pop and bigband. With her ultra glamorous and vintage inspired looks, she adds sparkle to every stage.

And more to be announced...



WESTERUNIE is an impressive club with an industrial interior. It's a charming space that used to be part of the gasworks built in 1883!

It's located in Westerpark, between the Central Station and the A10-West, making it easily accessible by both public transportation and by car or bicycle. With a Q-park just 500 meters away, there is ample parking available.





Book now at the Westergasterras for a snack or meal and receive a glass of cava as an aperitif.

The Westergasterras restaurant is located underneath Westerunie. It's a delightful spot to grab a bite beforehand and get into the mood for the Burlesque night out. They offer a special show menu and, especially for visitors of the Grand Burlesque night out, a welcome glass of cava (or a bottle for groups of 4 or more). Reserve quickly via mentioning Burlesque.




Extra: Daisy Lee's Burlesque Accessories Stand


Daisy Lee is a self-taught costumer originally hailing from San Francisco whose baptism by fire was sewing for drag queens in the early 80s, then moving on to making circus costumes for kids. Always learning while trying out new techniques (be it vintage textile restorations, capes, headpieces or special-order pasties), every last commission is her absolute favorite! She'll be present at the Amsterdam Burlesque Festival with vintage jewelry, new pastie designs specially made for the event & more....

Ian aka Daisy Lee






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